Testimonial from Debbie Huang


"Katherine is an excellent teacher. I went to Katherine for a 4 hour private lesson 3 months after I had completed my IACT foundation course in the US.  I thought that I could learn “something” from her. I was thrilled what I learned from her in the short 4 hours. She demonstrated: 


  • how to assess clients; 
  • what diet and supplementation gives optimum results (including the ‘why’);
  • how live blood analysis gave a visual for the client of the terrain and how it related to a person’s general health and colon hydrotherapy
  • what “Gas Pulls” are and how important they are in a session
  • different ways of mastering the equipment.
  • explained how you know when a person is ‘clean’ and how to explain that to the client.  This builds trust in the client / colon hydrotherapist relationship. 


All of these things have been crucial to my business and were things I did not learn in my other training.


If you are considering taking the IACT foundation course, I highly recommend Katherine. With her knowledge and background, she is over qualified for teaching this course. She is also a kind person. She has so much to offer you. I am really grateful that she took me in as a student for few hours. I feel that I have increased my knowledge immensely and can now serve my clients more fully. Thank you, Katherine!"


—Debbie Huang


I-ACT Prerequisites


Foundation Level Prerequisites
IACT approved Certification Training


  1. Each student MUST have a High School Diploma or equivalent requirement showing they have achieved High School Standards.  This may be documented by Diploma, GED or equivalency exam such as the Wunderlich Ability to Benefit Test.

  2. Each student MUST have completed a post Secondary (or higher) Anatomay and Physiology (A&P) Course of at least 3 Credit Hours (30 class room hours) from a licensed institution or from an institution or course on the I-ACT recognized list posted on the I-ACT website (

  3. Each student MUST show proof that they have taken a CPR Class.  You must hold a current CPR card.

  4. I-ACT recommends that each new student receive 1-3 colonics prior to entering training.  This recommendation can be waived if the student has contraindications to receiving colonics.

  5. Each student MUST be an I-ACT member prior to taking any I-ACT exam.




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International Association of Colon Therapy (I-ACT) Colon Hydrotherapy Certification Training

Colon Hydrotherapy Training


Dharma Spirit School of Holistic Health is pleased to offer I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapy
Foundation Certification Training on the following dates:


  • May 6-10, May 13-17,  2019

  • Oct 15-18, Oct 21-25, 2019

  • April 14-18, April 20-24, 2020


Foundation Level*
Details: 100 Hour Certification
Cost:  $3,500 + GST


Private training is available at a cost of $6,670 + GST


*There are pre-requisites for each course. Please see below.  


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Or via the following:
Tel: (403) 675-1111