Live-Cell Microscopy is a health analysis tool that allows one to view the most important element of the body in action.  The process is to magnify a single living drop of blood to at least 50X or more.


In order for your body to be in balance, have optimal energy and a strong immune system, it requires very specific nutrients.  And, each person is bio-unique.  Live-Blood Microscopy is one of the three main tools used by DSSHH to understand the client’s current terrain state.  This helps us work together to determine what is the current requirements of your unique nutrient demands.


Your blood flows like a river.  It transports nutrients, oxygen and other health-giving agents through the body to maintain life.  It also delivers cellular waste to the kidneys and liver for elimination from the body, thus being one form of detoxification for the body.  Due to this nature, blood can be a predictor of health and give signs of illness long before symptoms start to be noticed.


More and more alternative health practitioners are turning to Darkfield Microscopy to help people become pro-active with their health.  It enables a person to do something about a situation before it even becomes a real problem.  Darkfield Microscopy allows us to see things not revealed by blood tests or standard microscopes.  This technique has two main advantages:


  1. Helps practitioners assess the wellness of their clients, and
  2. It is a visual educational tool, providing a live picture of one’s own blood. 


This Live picture gives the client powerful motivation to take more responsibility for their own health and wellness.


When the samples of blood are magnified, they are displayed on a video screen.    This creates a strong communication tool for the practitioner.  The client can visually see what is occurring in the terrain of their body.  Practitioners of Darkfield Microscopy can observe warning signs of illness through the functioning and shape of red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells.  You can also see the appearance of pathogenic microorganisms and metabolic byproducts.


For example, if red blood cells are distorted and having a difficult time staying on the slide, it can indicate undesirable bacteria or fungal forms in the bloodstream, oxidative damage caused by free radicals, or a nutritional deficiency.  The strength of white blood cells can also be observed by the cell walls being smooth, ragged or leaking cytoplasm.


It is recommended that one works with certified practitioners in Live-Cell Microscopy that are using the darkfield technique as an educational tool as opposed to a diagnostic vein.  It is great for self-motivation, as well as to be able to see the progress as the terrain of the body improves.  The first Live-Cell Microscopy might show your blood as a ‘swamp’ with the quality of blood being a 7 out of 10, 10 being the worst.  As you implement the protocols of the health care provider, you will see your blood improving, to the quality of a nice clear stream!   This stream will be able to carry all the necessary nutrients and oxygen to the body!  And, this whole process is observable!


The form of microscopy is mostly used (but not exclusively) by alternative health care providers.  However, these microscopes are not ‘exotic.’  They are standard equipment used by microbiology researchers in laboratories.  Under managed care, most doctors unfortunately do not have the time to be able to look for themselves at their client’s blood, never mind show this to the patient and explain to them what it means.  As well, this tool does not fall into the regular allopathic ideology of one disease and one treatment.  Live-Blood Microscopy shows the variability and complexity of the entire blood picture.  SEE your results with Live-Cell Microscopy!


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Live-Blood Microscopy

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