Testimonial from Melonie Harris of Northern Alberta


"I feel privileged that Katherine has been my teacher since the beginning of my time as a yoga instructor.


Katherine played an integral role in establishing my foundation during teacher training. She taught us fundamental components of a healthy teaching practice: aligning, modifying, and “sensating”. Her attention to detail in creating safe alignment in poses is exceptional. With correct alignment, the individual is able to experience the benefits and avoid any harm. Katherine’s ability modify poses, providing an abundance of variations is ingenious. Thus, ensuring the pose is available to all body types and skill levels. Katherine also taught us that by paying attention to how our body feels as we align in the poses, we are better able to open up our bodies so that energy can flow. I adopted each of these approaches in my personal practice and, in turn, my classes.


Katherine is the teacher I have turned to over the years as questions and concerns have come up. She is available and willing to help expand my knowledge base.


I continue to receive Katherine’s teachings from afar via Skype. Despite the distance, Katherine’s ability to effectively pass on knowledge makes me feel like I am in the room with her.


The teachings I have received from Katherine have benefited me, and through my classes, many others. I look forward to every chance I get to learn from her.


If you have an opportunity to receive Katherine’s teachings in any format, go for it!  You will benefit immensely!


Thank  you Katherine!"

"Dharma...the potential for awakening and perfection is present in every human being and is a matter of personal effort to realize that potential. Each human being is a master of his or her own destiny, highlighting the ability that each person holds to achieve enlightenment." — Dalai Lama

Yoga/Meditation/Yoga Therapy Sessions

Katherine is pleased to offer private yoga/meditation/yoga therapy sessions, as follows:


  • 1 or 1.5 hour sessions

  • From beginner to advanced level

  • Sessions can be a weekly or bi-weekly, or you can book a single session in order to refine any aspect of your sadhana (yoga practice)



Please add $10 per hour for each additional person.


Click here to contact Katherine for complete details.