Yoga Classes & Yoga Teacher Training


"Katherine, you are the best yoga teacher I've ever practiced with.  You are so well rounded in many facets of yoga (Vinyasa, Hatha, Subtle, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, Therapeutic) and healing lifestyle (Sattvic living & diet, whole foods preparation, Ayurveda). It was an honor to see your kitchen and pantry and to see your commitment to an incredibly healthy way of living.  I admire you greatly. Thank you for taking me under your wing for this past year, you are a true inspiration."


—Sandra Stone, Canmore, AB



"I have seen my yoga practice transform immensely through Katherine's guidance after only a few months.  Her vast experience, encouraging attitude and generous soul shine through in  both her led and Mysore classes.  Katherine's genuine commitment and passion to help others through the practice of yoga is exceptional.  Teaching is definitely her calling in life.  She inspires personal growth in each and every one of her students, on and off the mat.  I consider myself extremely fortunate to have Katherine as a teacher and help me along my own journey."


— Sarah McGough, Canmore, AB



"I feel privileged that Katherine has been my teacher since the beginning of my time as a yoga instructor.


Katherine played an integral role in establishing my foundation during teacher training. She taught us fundamental components of a healthy teaching practice: aligning, modifying, and “sensating”. Her attention to detail in creating safe alignment in poses is exceptional. With correct alignment, the individual is able to experience the benefits and avoid any harm. Katherine’s ability modify poses, providing an abundance of variations is ingenious. Thus, ensuring the pose is available to all body types and skill levels. Katherine also taught us that by paying attention to how our body feels as we align in the poses, we are better able to open up our bodies so that energy can flow. I adopted each of these approaches in my personal practice and, in turn, my classes.


Katherine is the teacher I have turned to over the years as questions and concerns have come up. She is available and willing to help expand my knowledge base.


I continue to receive Katherine’s teachings from afar via Skype. Despite the distance, Katherine’s ability to effectively pass on knowledge makes me feel like I am in the room with her.


The teachings I have received from Katherine have benefited me, and through my classes, many others. I look forward to every chance I get to learn from her.


If you have an opportunity to receive Katherine’s teachings in any format, go for it!  You will benefit immensely!


Thank  you Katherine."


— Melonie Harris, Northern Alberta




New Local Testimony!


I met Katherine because I was meant to do so!


"Last spring I had a sudden emergency hospital visit due to an acute bowel inflammation that sent me into cold sweats and awful pain anytime I tried to move. The sudden pain seemed to “appear out of nowhere” (but of course now I understand things differently). After clearing the acute inflammation with antibiotics and many different tests, it was diagnosed with diverticulitis and irregularities in my colon. Six months later, a colonoscopy revealed a large polyp, which was removed on the spot. During these events, amazingly I met Katherine through completely different life events – and got curious about her work. It seemed such a “fluke” that I would have met a person of her profession exactly at the time all of this was going on in my life.


I have quietly suffered from constipation all my life without realizing that a) it’s not normal, and b) it’s really not healthy nor good. I had never questioned it, thinking that it’s “simply my lot”, it’s how I am and part of my reality. So when this bout of diverticulosis hit me and doctors started asking about constipation, it made me really question and wonder what was going on and what I may be able to do about my situation. Western medicine tends to treat symptoms with band-aid solutions, so the answers I got from my regular doctors didn’t satisfy me. That’s incidentally the exact time when I met Katherine, so naturally I felt compelled to book in for a consult with her to learn more about what she may have to offer.


From the consult and on - everything seemed to fall into place. No doctor has ever done as thorough a life-and medical-history as Katherine did. She quite impressed me right from the beginning with the detail she looked over every aspect of my whole being and my health history. I knew I had come to the right place and I can honestly say in the 6 months since our initial consult to now, I have never felt better and healthier. For me, this has been a journey that has only just started – and while it initially was triggered by issues with the bowel and bloating - the amazing and fun journey now seems to be coming back to food. I’m finding tremendous joy in learning all kinds of new things about food and cooking and using food and ingredients in new ways. Of course what goes in, must come out - and amazingly: having a bowel movement is actually an easy, enjoyable experience now – rather than a frustrating non-productive battle. It blows my mind what a big impact this seemingly simple detail can have on someone’s every day regular routine and overall sense of well-being. It’s literally like having been freed from a massive load that has been so very cumbersome to carry.


Katherine is extremely knowledgeable about diet and nutrition and speaks about food and food choices with incredible passion. It’s impossible to not to be positively influenced by her absolute dedication and passion about food! I had already implemented some changes to my diet as a personal experiment before meeting – and our initial consult led to some more changes in food choices and a lot of new learning. We did a series of hydrotherapy that were an amazing, and cleansing experience for me.


This spring, after continuing to eat a clean diet and having multiple (3-4) easy bowel movements every day (!) now almost 6 months later, I decided to do a longer juice fast and combine that with some more colon hydrotherapy. We did 4 treatments in total during the 9 day fast. In many ways I wanted to keep going and continue fasting and also continue with the treatments but life- events pushed to get back to eating foods. (So I’ll have to get back to it at a later date again.) But what deserves sharing is that on day 9 and 10 of not eating any foods – only drinking juice and water, and after 4 hydrotherapy sessions during those days, what I witnessed come out of my system and land into the toilet bowl – was so remarkable and in many ways so disturbing. It is too gross for words and maybe unnecessary to describe. Suffice it to say – after a long fast like this, I thought not much would come out. But Katherine had told me “You are still not clean – I know my measures and my numbers”… so with those words, I was partly prepared for some kind of release. But what came out was beyond my imagination and I can only feel relief and wonder that it came out and happy it did so. My body was obviously responding to the treatments and pushing out things that really needed to come out. The sense of relief was/is remarkable.


I don’t feel the “work to be complete” – and plan on doing some more maintenance fasting and more hydrotherapy as I continue this journey. It feels good and I feel like I’ve landed in the best of hands. Everything is there to support you: from the nutritional counselling and help with figuring out a new way of viewing food and eating, and the hydrotherapy in which the body itself will speak an obvious response to. Katherine’s approach is incredibly holistic and deep on all levels. Because of our sessions together, I feel empowered about my own health and my life. I feel like I have a choice – and I can influence where things go and how I feel. And THAT, is an amazing feeling! Thank you, Katherine. You do incredibly important work. I will be forever grateful."


— Annette: Banff, AB


Colon Hydrotherapy


Condition: ACID REFLUX


"I had Acid Reflux for ten years. I had to take prescription medication whenever it came about, as the pain was so bad I could not sleep or lay down. Immediately after my first series of colon therapy treatments, my acid reflux disappeared. Ten years later I have still not had any symptoms of this horrible problem."


— Jerome, Fort McMurray, AB



Condition: ACNE

"Before seeing Katherine at Dharma Spirit, I had acne for 12 years and experienced lethargy and poor digestion.  As a 27 year old, I did not think I could have a toxic build-up in my body.  After several  hydrotherapy sessions I was in awe and how much our colons can accumulate!  Colon hydrotherapy has eliminated the toxic matter that was contributing to my ongoing skin breakouts, lethargy and poor digestion.    


Katherine has a vibrant and comforting presence.  She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of Holistic Health.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her!   After completing the colon hydrotherapy sessions, my skin has cleared up, I have more energy and my digestion has improved greatly. I highly recommend Colon Hydrotherapy at Dharma Spirit for anyone who is interested in improving their well-being!”


— Meghan, Cochrane, AB



Condition: ANAL ITCH

"I had a serious anal itch that was extremely irritating (completely distracting) and painful for almost 30 years. I had been using cortisone cream on this area since the age of 18. I had been to repeated specialists, none with any answers as to why I would have this problem. With complete colon cleansing I have been able to completely get off cortisone cream and no longer have any irritation whatsoever in this area. What a relief!"


— Jerome, Fort McMurray, AB



Condition: CANCER (Endometrial Lining/Ovarian)

"I want to thank Katherine Christine for the assistance she gave me during my recovery from cancer. I consulted with Katherine on alternative professionals to see, dietary advice and detoxification methods, including colon hydrotherapy. This truly made all the difference. I feel the regularly colonics was critical in assisting the body to cleanse and heal. After ten months of working with an Integrative Doctor that she suggested, and making the other changes discussed, I am in a very different place in my body and mind. I feel at peace and feel I am living and working with a very healed body. I am so glad I invested in these holistic options to get me to this healthy place of comfort.I am happy to say I no longer have the need for an oncologist! Blessings and Thank you."


— Donna, Calgary, AB



Condition: CANCER (Stage Four Small-Cell Lung)

"In the fall of 2010, I was diagnosed with Fast-Spreading Lung Cancer which had traveled to my brain, affecting my eyes, sense of balance and speech. I had trouble eating, breathing and coughed throughout the nights from lesions in my lungs and esophagus. I was extremely fatigued, couldn't see enough to walk on my own and fell into a depression. I have gone through conventional treatment of chemotherapy and radiation (which was only suppose to slow the spread of cancer) and I have also done alternative treatments that included Colon Hydrotherapy.


Since my diagnosis, I have traveled from Saskatchewan to Alberta numerous times to receive colon hydrotherapy sessions with Katherine Christine. Within the first couple of treatments with her, I realized the state my body was in and how badly I needed to clean my colon in order to heal. I believe colon hydrotherapy has extended my life: I am more energetic, stronger, sleep better, more focused and my mood has greatly improved. Best of all, the cancer in my body has significantly been reduced and is now in partial remission (which is generally not hear of for this type of cancer) and it was only suppose to grow. Katherine Christine is extremely knowledgeable and caring. She has taught me how a body can heal once clear of toxic material and I am forever grateful for her services."


— Gail Hickie, Melville, SK




"I have been vegetarian for 13 years and thought I was eating right. I learned From Katherine how to properly combine food, choose natural options and take the right supplementation in order to improve my health and increase my energy levels. The proper alimentation combined with Colon Hydrotherapy helped my body to eliminate accumulated toxins. This process decreased my cholesterol level to a normal range and gave me the energy required to perform all my daily activities, which includes training for intense sport activities. I highly recommend Colon Hydrotherapy with Katherine for anyone who is interested in improving their health."


— Daniel, Calgary, AB




"I had been chronically constipated since I was 12 yrs old, and now I was 40.  I went to see Katherine and she explained how the hydrotherapy could help me clean out all the old stuff that is sitting in my large bowels.  I wasn't nervous at all with Katherine, as she made me feel very very comfortable, and explained everything that was going on.  I had about 16 treatments, and it was amazing, what was released and removed from my bowels.  It was a easy and comfortable process.  In the past I  had used everything you could think of to remove the old stuff and do a really good cleanse on my own, and nothing worked as well as the Hydrotherapy.  It was really hard to explain to other people what kind of stuff was released and removed from my body. And many people thought it was disgusting. My body was slowing dying from the toxins seeping into my bloodstream from not being removed fast enough.  In my opinion, its more disgusting to keep all that stuff inside of my body, than to remove it and see it for your own eyes.  It really works, and I will always be grateful to Katherine."


— Clare Brietzke, Lougheed, AB.



Condition: ENERGY

"Colon Hydrotherapy with Katherine is amazing. As a professional, she employs the sensitivity and respect expected with any practitioner, but goes beyond that by personalizing her advice and recommendations for each client, which makes the experience so much more valuable. Combined with the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations for maximum effectiveness, the treatments left me feeling lighter, healthier and routinely more energized. I recommend this treatment to anyone."


—Heather Thomas, Fort McMurray, AB





"At 28 years of old I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  Prior to this diagnosis I had all the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I was tested by a research scientist, Dr. Fluor Henry and the results showed a serious difference in brain function.  I was diagnosed by Dr. Duncan Campbell and was told that I probably would not work again.  I was bed ridden for well over a year.  I witnessed many 'strange' things come out of me through colon therapy that looked nothing like fecal matter.  I have been Fibromyalgia symptom free for over 17 years.  Other health problems that also 'disappeared' were:  palindromic rheumatism, dry eye, constipation, cold hands, cold feet, cold body, bloating, PMS symptoms, constant hunger, fatigue and face boils. I am very faithful now about ensuring I get my yearly colon cleansing done.  It is my main illness prevention and health maintenance routine!"


—Katherine Christine, Cochrane, AB



Condition: HIVES


"I have been plagued with chronic hives for the majority of my life. Over the years I have tried every type of treatment and therapy that I could think of, seen all the specialists that I could get referred to, and spent countless hours doing my own research. The conclusion: there could be a million reasons why I get hives. Never being satisfied with this answer, I have always been open to alternative treatments even if I didn't understand at first exactly how they could help. I was introduced to colon therapy through a friend who was receiving treatments with Katherine. It seemed like an unusual treatment but I was willing to give anything a try...six months later, colon therapy has helped me to become drug free and stop the chronic hives that I have dealt with for almost 20 years. I believe that achieving optimal health is a lifelong quest, but never have I seen such results with one single type of therapy. I believe so strongly in the benefits of colon therapy that I have now taken the course so I too can help others as Katherine has helped me."


—Joanne Hompoth, Calgary, AB



Condition: HYPERTENSION (High Blood Pressure)


"Saint Katherine! I take my blood pressure readings a couple of times a month just to check on where I'm at and where I'm headed.  Three weeks prior to beginning my colonic hydrotherapy sessions my systolic pressure was 155 over an 86 diastolic.  After fifteen days and nine therapy sessions, my blood pressure had plummeted to 98 over 60 on my left arm and 94/58 on the right.  Whoa - you just knocked my socks off - I wasn't expecting this.


The dramatic blood pressure drop is just one of the many benefits, (such as hugely decreased flatulence and very improved circulation), that I've noticed.  So far I'm still "cleaning up" and tomorrow will be the 13th session so this ancient 61 year old tom cat is startin' to purr like a kitten again.  Must be voodoo, or maybe the body/mind really is an organic whole?  Thanks a bunch."


—Alan Mc., Calgary, AB




"I would recommend colon therapy to any one, whether apparently healthy or dealing with a serious health concern. I would highly recommend Katherine Christine as your therapist. I doubt you'll find one quite as caring, intuitive, loving, understanding, accommodating, knowledgeable or as passionate. Her expertise and training (including nutrition and live-cell analysis) extends into numerous other complimentary modalities. She takes her work very serious.


I was diagnosed with IBD about 6 years ago. Since then, I have had numerous lows with my health, but I was determined to find an answer. During my search, I tried just about every healing modality out there, including both allopathic (modern) medicine, to holistic (alternative) practices, with no success. I believe that God works through people, and when we use our agency and are in line with His will, great things happen, even "Miracles".


Just over a year ago, my mom (a massage therapist) was taking a class that was promoting the use of Colon Therapy. She, nor I, had heard of this practice before, but she felt strongly it could help. I was living on the East side of the country at the time and she was concerned that I may not be open to it. But, I have complete trust in her, and so we began. My parents flew me out for a couple weeks of treatments, which turned out to be considerably longer. I was, for the first time in six years, actually finding relief in my symptoms. I continued to find more success going from not being able to even look at most foods (particularly healthy foods!) without adverse symptoms, to being able to eat anything I chose with little to no discomfort or pain and enjoy eating again! I was also able to start reviving my once active social life and begin working more diligently in my chosen field of work.


It took me longer than most of Katherine's clients to go through the cleansing process, as I was extremely ill and weak by the time our paths crossed. I can say that I now have little to no symptoms and that health really is a fulltime and lifetime commitment for the "healthy" and unhealthy. Colon therapy alone, as amazing and ground breaking as it is, will not fully help you unless you make health and your body a priority, through conscious diet and lifestyle choices, which Katherine helps coach you through. I stopped eating processed foods and sugars and through personal study and knowledge from Katherine, I later decided on my own, to go vegan, which has also helped me tremendously. One doesn't need to become vegan in order to receive the full benefits of Colon therapy, but one must supplement it with healthy eating, appropriate exercise and sleep.


Once again, I recommend Colon Therapy and Katherine Christine, to anyone reading this. Give it a try, it can only optimize your body for healing and you will be pleasantly surprised. That's my testimony to you all."


—James Hampshire (Jay.j.Fresh), Singer/Songwriter and Producer





"All of my life, UNTIL NOW, I had suffered from severe constipation. No matter what I ate, drank or did, there were always days and up to many weeks, that I would go without pooping. In 2010, at the age of 35, I suddenly developed severe pain under my rib cage and severe bloating. I was 130 pounds and looked nine months pregnant! My doctors said I had IBS. I refused to live with that diagnosis! My healing journey began. I am so grateful to have found Dharma Spirit. After my colonic consultation, I cleaned out my cupboards with all the suggestions from Katherine Christine. The changes were all very tasty. I have never felt like I was ‘missing out’. I then began my journey of colon hydrotherapy. My colon was in need of detoxing after 35 years of chronic constipation and build up! I incorporated all of Katherine’s suggestions and followed her protocol to a ’T’. I then started to poop on a regular basis for the first time in my entire life! I continue to do some regular cleansing based on Katherine’s suggestions (it is unique to each individual) to keep things flowing. Katherine’s knowledge and expertise saved my life!! I am forever grateful! I now have a flat belly and fit into my old jeans!"


— Heather Frass, Calgary, AB





"Nobody likes to admit it, and i certainly don't... but, before I began my journey with Colon Hydrotherapy I was irritable, emotional, and moody. I had intense PMS sessions and would fly off the handle at my hubby - even when he didn't deserve it! I kept thinking... 'This is not me, this can't be me, I'm not like this!' And, it is 100% true, I was not normally like this! I'm typically very level headed, creative, fun, and do not irritate easy without it ending in a laughter session. And completing my colon hydrotherapy with Katherine, I am back to that person who can easily accept, love and laugh. I still have the occasional 'emotional outbreak', but now it is only when there is just cause. Cleaning my system has allowed me to clear toxins both chemical and emotional!"


— Rosemary, Ekshaw, AB




"I have suffered from digestive issues for many years and an eye rash that simply wouldn't go away finally made me realize that enough was enough - which led me to Katherine of Dharma Spirit.

Our first consultation was eye opening and I knew that i found an expert that would facilitate me in my journey to better health. After a few treatments - i think around 4-5, my biggest surprise was that my lower back pain had gone - something that had been a 'normal' part of my life. I could hardly believe that cleaning my colon would affect my back!


Now many treatments later the lower back pain is STILL non existent, my eye rash has disappeared, I no longer have bloating after I eat, my digestion has never been better and I am constantly complimented on my vibrancy and glowing skin. Katherine is a health warrior and colon hydrotherapy has not only led me to my health journey it has taken me there!


Being an advocate for your own health is the best thing you can do for health and vitality and colon hydrotherapy with Katherine is an excellent way to achieve both!"


— Rosemary, Keshawn



Condition: MIGRAINE

"I have suffered from regular occurring migraines for over 22 years (since I was about 10 years old). The migraines were often so intense, I would lose my ability to function normally – I would become clumsy, hypersensitive to light and sound, have trouble with my vision, feel foggy and unfocused, and sometimes I would even have difficulty speaking. Over the years, I have seen numerous doctors and specialists in the hopes of controlling them, the symptoms and the pain. I was prescribed powerful medication (with strict dosing and scary side effects) to settle the symptoms, but I was never actually able to avoid getting them altogether.


That was, until I discovered colon hydrotherapy. Katherine guided me through the process of cleansing my colon and my body. I visited her several times a week for colon hydrotherapy and, to the best of my ability, I followed through on her advice to consume the proper food and take the right supplementation. She was an incredible support throughout my journey to health – she was my cheer leader and role model.


What’s most remarkable is in the months just prior to discovering colon hydrotherapy, I was extremely fatigued, lost my drive to be physically active and was getting up to 10 migraines (and many smaller, but equally disruptive headaches) a month. I completed my treatment well over a month ago and I have not had one migraine since! I no longer feel the creeping sense of fatigue I once did and I have regained my energy levels. I believe I owe my current state of health and sense of well-being to Katherine and colon hydrotherapy!"


— Magda M, Calgary, AB



Condition: MIGRAINE

"I truly valued colon therapy as a naturalistic way to feel whole. Katherine is truly professional in dealing with the colon therapy as well as very knowledgeable in the field of colon therapy.  She made me feel very comfortable and the therapy itself relieved me of my migraine headaches. I would highly recommend the therapy as a means of feeling healthier."


—Diane, Fort McMurray, AB



Condition: OVER-WEIGHT


"For years, I have been fighting high cholesterol levels associated with excess body weight and diet. I decided to start colon therapy, change my eating habits following Katherine's dietary advice and do regular exercise. Before finishing the treatments, my cholesterol levels became normal and I have lost more than 40 pounds. I am convinced the colon therapy played an important role in those changes."


—Luz, Calgary, AB



Condition: PSORIASIS


"I suffered with psoriasis for many years and it became worse with stressors at work. Immediately after the first session of colon therapy, the psoriasis disappeared completely. Since completing the treatments, I have had stressful situations at work but with no return of psoriasis. It really works, and I will always be grateful to Katherine."


—Luz, Calgary, AB




"Having waited several years taking antiobiotics that never seemed to truly rid me of my symptoms, I saw my sexual verility increase and my overall energy increase. I have regained health, spirits, and confidence. This is something I have battled for the better part of my life that is now gone. Please accept my sincere thanks Katherine. Your colon hydrotherapy work has helped a young man feel young again."


—Frank Fihn, Windsor, ON



Condition: TUMOR (Eye)

"In the fall of 2010, I went to the optometrist for my annual eye examination. The optometrist observed a tumor in one of my eyes. He said that he would need to 'keep an eye' on it. I knew that in the medical world, that meant watch it grow. I went home, told my wife, and I started on a more cleansing and healing diet, and a more severe detox (colon therapy) protocol. Then, in 2011 I went back for my annual check up once more. The optometrist said he observed something he had never seen before. The tumor was now about half the size. We knew we were on the right track, so continued to apply the protocol of diet and cleansing. In October 2012, I went again for my annual eye examination, and the optometrist had the following to say: 'I have never seen in my entire career a tumor shrink, never mind completely go away. Whatever you are doing, continue to do it.' I no longer had any tumor in my head! What a relief! Who knows what that could have lead to. With my wife's work, I have both experienced first hand the miracles of detoxing and also regularly hear of her client's symptoms healing. So, for me, this is 'normal'. However, I so wish more people would realize how powerful the body is in healing if just given the chance."


—Jerome, Cochrane, AB



Colon Therapy Training


"Katherine is an excellent teacher. I went to Katherine for a 4 hour private lesson 3 months after I had completed my IACT foundation course in the US.  I thought that I could learn “something” from her. I was thrilled what I learned from her in the short 4 hours. She demonstrated: 


  • how to assess clients; 
  • what diet and supplementation gives optimum results (including the ‘why’);
  • how live blood analysis gave a visual for the client of the terrain and how it related to a person’s general health and colon hydrotherapy
  • what “Gas Pulls” are and how important they are in a session
  • different ways of mastering the equipment.
  • explained how you know when a person is ‘clean’ and how to explain that to the client.  This builds trust in the client / colon hydrotherapist relationship. 


All of these things have been crucial to my business and were things I did not learn in my other training.


If you are considering taking the IACT foundation course, I highly recommend Katherine. With her knowledge and background, she is over qualified for teaching this course. She is also a kind person. She has so much to offer you. I am really grateful that she took me in as a student for few hours. I feel that I have increased my knowledge immensely and can now serve my clients more fully. Thank you, Katherine!"


—Debbie Huang



"I am beyond grateful to have attended Katherine Christine's Colon Hydrotherapy Certification Course in her space in Cochrane. It has been life-changing and incredibly inspiring. Katherine very efficiently and effectively taught the skills and grace of being a colon therapist. Through her training, I have gained so much knowledge and wisdom, through study, lecture, practice and observation. I truly feel confident in my skills to professionally and passionately share this therapy with others.


As well, I received a gift from Katherine that I did not expect. After spending a week with her, I am amazed at the personal transformation that has happened within me. Katherine teaches through the example of her own daily life, a very harmonious way to live and treat our bodies and minds. Through a great shift in my diet, and numerous other small yet meaningful adjustments to my habits and lifestyle, I have come away from this training massively inspired, with new tools acquired, to take immaculate care of my own well being. This training has truly been a gift, and I am very excited and passionate to share it with everyone."


—Ivy Stevenson, Edmonton, AB



"Here is my testimonial for Katherine Christine. I don't think it does her teachings justice, as some experiences are beyond words: Katherine is a gift to the universe. With Katherine's creative approach and "beyond the box" thinking, she has brought colon hydrotherapy to new heights and discoveries. Her colon hydrotherapy training program includes lessons on how to eat for a healthy colon, recipes and delicious food samples to coax you toward a vegan (or reduced animal consumption) and increased raw diet. There is also a demonstration of connecting with clients in a caring and spiritual manner, and it the training sets you on the path for personal cleansing and detoxification. It is definitely a "must do" course with a life-changing impact, and has a good bang for your buck."


—Trish Hewitt, Edmonton, AB



"My life is now in the progress of improving, of which I accredit to Katherine Christine. I will always feel a special thanks in my heart for her introducing me to raw foods and now colon therapy. Her caring and kindness for other people motivate her to spread the message of health to the world. I am so grateful to have been lucky enough to be a receiver of this gift. She is a wonderful soul, amazing teacher and dedicated to her career. I would highly recommend anyone who has the chance, to take the advantage of being a student in Katherine's Colon Therapy Program. I believe Colon Therapy is a key practice for people to experience first hand how their diet is directly affecting their health. By bringing this awareness to people, we are on the path to improving the world. Thanks Katherine for inspiring me."


—Crystal Hayward, Dawson Creek, BC



"I took my I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapy Certification training with Katherine Christine. As a person who already had an extensive background in human anatomy prior to taking this course, I was worried that the content would not be to the standards I was used to.  That was definitely not the case; I was impressed with Katherine’s in depth knowledge of the body and its physiology.  She could answer the hard questions on cue, yet she could explain it in simple terms to her clients.  She has high professional standards while remaining kind and enlightened.  She has a great ability to be able to read her clients and change her approach to suit their individual needs.  She gently guides people into making better dietary choices and is supportive to everyone regardless of where in their journey to health they may be.   She did more than instruct me; she started a ripple in my life that has made me a much healthier, well-rounded person."


—Alethea Austin, BMR PT CAFCI, Physical Therapist, Acupuncture Practitioner, I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Fort McMurray, AB



"I took my I-ACT colon hydrotherapy certification training with Katherine Christine.  Before I took the course, my knowledge about the body and the digestive system was pretty limited.  I had completed the A & P distance education class so that I could take the training, and I thought I might be ‘in over my head’.  I found that Katherine was very good at managing a classroom of students who have very different levels of training and educational background.  She could keep the experienced people on their toes and interested, as well as altering wording or teaching methods to accommodate to the less experienced, making the class very beneficial to everyone.  Katherine was also very good at encouraging her clients and students to be better to their bodies, but she could read people and know what their limit was and what information would be too much.  I really enjoyed taking Katherine’s course, it was very educational and informative.  There is so much that I learned from her that I use in my everyday life and I am much healthier because of it."


—Tom Austin, I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist



"The Foundation Colon Hydrotherapy IACT certification training taught by Katherine Christine was an enlightening and interesting course of self discovery.  I feel that I have learned invaluable skills both in colon hydrotherapy and communication.  It has motivated me to learn as much as I can about holistic health care, and especially the colon.  The excellent training was thorough and stimulating. Katherine is brilliant, knowledgeable and passionate about the colon.  Her passion is so infectious you can’t help but become excited with her.  She has great interpersonal skills and this training is one of my all time top learning experiences of my life.


The energy of the learning environment was both soothing and stimulating.  I look forward to more courses with Katherine  This course is more than worth the investment, and will benefit anyone who takes it both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Dharma Spirit School of Holistic Health."


—Micheline A, Cochrane, AB



"I took the foundation level colon hydrotherapy with Katherine Christine at Dharma Spirit School of Holistic Health in October 2009.  I had been practicing colon hydrotherapy prior to getting my certification, and the information that I learned from Katherine was invaluable to enhancing my knowledge as a professional colon therapist. I found the clinical portion of the program particularly useful to learn “hands on” how to expand my own practice.  Katherine is extremely knowledgeable in this field due to her many years of experience, which makes her a very engaging teacher.  I valued her approach to colon therapy, not only as a clinical practice, but more importantly…an emotional and spiritual one.  I look forward to doing the intermediate course with her."


—Mandy Nott, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Holistic Nutritionist.



"I attended Katherine’s I-ACT 100 hour certification course in November 2014 and would highly recommend taking the course to anyone considering doing so.


Katherine welcomed us into her beautiful space at Dharma Spirit School of Holistic Health, shared some of the most delicious vegan, organic, raw, non-gmo snacks and drinks with us each day.   This was a huge bonus to the actual colon hydrotherapy course.  It gave us each a taste of what life and energy could be like should we follow our passion to expression!


Katherine has many years of experience and accreditation as a colon hydro-therapist (as well as many other holistic fields) and it shows in her knowledge base and self-confident delivery of the colon hydro-therapy curriculum she teaches. She is professional and well informed in regards to the benefits of colon hydro-therapy derived both from her personal history of healing, family members and from her experience with the broad client base she has served for the past many years.


Again, I would highly recommend Katherine and her teaching of the I-ACT 100 hour certification course at Dharma Spirit School of Holistic Health in the delightful and scenic town of Canmore, Alberta."


—Bonnie Heinz, Ontario


"Wow... What can I say about Katherine and her Colon Hydrotherapy training? Outstanding! Katherine delivers much more than just the physical, practical, and scientific information behind the modality of Colon Hydrotherapy. She explains, educates and demonstrates the importance of diet and lifestyle choices, in truly achieving a clean healthy colon, digestive system and body. She is passionate, kind, loving, caring and full of knowledge. I would highly recommend her course to anyone interested in becoming a Health and Wellness practitioner! Thank you Katherine!"


—Barbara Baumann, Ontario



"The Colon Hydrotherapy Certification Training was wonderful and Katherine was terrific.  I learned so much and she is truly very knowledgeable about hydro colon therapy, colonics, the client, diet and eating habits.  So many doors opened up for me!  Katherine was so kind and patient, describing all the elements of the course and more.  The course not only provided academic study, but following Katherine’s many suggestions, I was able to better understand what the client may experience.   During the course, there was much more than colon hydrotherapy studies!  Friendships were forged and I grew so much as a person.  Thank you so very much Katherine for opening doors to the world of colonics and whole foods.  What is in my cupboards today, has taken on a new look."


—Tammy Herbst, Stirling



"I took my colonic hydrotherapy course in November 2014 with Dharma Spirit and Katherine Christine.  I want to begin by saying how much I enjoyed the course.


Katherine not only shared her knowledge, and expertise but also found time to encourage, stimulate and share her own personal experiences.  For me this made my learning experience much more profound.  


Katherine’s graciousness and warmth created an atmosphere that I myself want to portray in my home clinic.  Thank you for your amazing approach and exceptional teaching.


I would highly recommend this course with Dharma Spirit.  I came away with an eagerness to not only help others but to continue learning in this field.  I am so inspired by Katherine’s knowledge, dedication, and above all loving desire to help others."


—Carolyn Bayda, Airdrie, AB